Discover How to Afford Your Quilting Passion Even in Tough Economic Times

Breaking News—August 16,2010: Willow Ridge Press announces they’re reducing the price of the Frugal Fabriholic e-book from $9.99 to $3.99 as long as the U.S. unemployment rate is above 7%.  See our social media news release for more details.

Are you a quilter who puts everyone else’s needs before your own?  Does your husband have a luxury boat, golf membership, or motorcycle, and you’re still using an outdated sewing machine?  How long has it been since you splurged on yourself?

In my ninth book, The Frugal Fabriholic, I show you how I saved over $13,000 in one year, setting aside a portion of that savings into a month quilting budget.  Our family lived on our savings for over four years while my husband and I started our own businesses, and I still indulged in my quilting passion, and I show you how you can too.

Transcend the “I can’t afford it” habit and instead follow Maria’s own imaginative savings plan, customizing it by making it your own. Whether you are a mom of young children, a retired quilter on a fixed income, or somewhere in between, The Frugal Fabriholic is your essential guide for a revolutionary new way of approaching a quilting budget.

Join Maria Peagler, award-winning publisher, quilter, and author, as she teaches you:

  • how to customize a savings plan designed for your family’s unique needs
  • how to apply savvy strategies to your quilting budget, so you can spend less and get more
  • how to save without sacrificing quality or lifestyle
  • how to indulge in quilting luxuries every month

Get The Frugal Fabriholic instantly for only $3.99 by clicking here.

Each step in The Frugal Fabriholic plan outlines money-saving strategies you can use to shave expenses, so you can spoil yourself with a jelly roll, a quilting retreat, or the latest quilting book just can’t wait to have.  I don’t expect you to change your lifestyle nor do I advocate time-consuming steps that save only pennies.  I’m a busy mompreneur who doesn’t have time to clip coupons, and I certainly don’t expect you to either.

“Maria has done it again! She has already proven she is an expert on color (see her awesome book Color Mastery: 10 Principles for Creating Stunning Quilts), and now she is teaching us how to budget during these tough economic times so we can continue to enjoy our passion for fabric and quilting (this is a woman who has had a quilting budget for 15 years!).  She covers just about every strategy you can imagine (she knows her stuff).   At the end of the details for each step, Maria shows us still more ways we really can afford our quilting stash. She is very practical, giving us many ways to save.”
—Maeve Binder

Get The Frugal Fabriholic instantly for only $3.99 by clicking here.

How Can You Still Afford Luxuries When Your Budget is Already Stretched Thin?

Would you like to:

  • Buy a jelly roll every month?
  • Upgrade to a newer machine?
  • Go on a quilting cruise with friends?

Maria shows you how by devoting an entire chapter to each step of her 12-step plan, always bringing back the strategies to how they affect your quilting budget and how you can best spend your quilting dollars.  At the end of every chapter, Maria offers two important topics:

  1. Show Me the Fabric Love
  2. Quilting Connection

Show Me the Fabric Love goes even deeper into each step, analyzing the strategy behind it, how it saves you money, and how you can go even farther to save.  She details how much money she saved by using each strategy, and how you can do the same.

Quilting Connection tells you how to apply the same strategies to your quilting budget, so you can afford the best in fabric, sewing machines, books, patterns, and notions, without breaking the bank.

Get The Frugal Fabriholic instantly for only $3.99 by clicking here.

How is The Frugal Fabriholic Different?

The Frugal Fabriholic is the only book on budgeting and saving for quilters.  Most quilters are already frugal; Maria shows you how to be efficiently frugal, squeezing the most savings from the least effort, so you have more time and more cash for your passion. Like how you can save 50% on your monthly grocery budget in only five minutes.  Really.

Peagler has taken financial principles, coupled them with simple resources, time-saving strategies, and applied them to the luxuries we all want and the necessities we all need.  How?

  • providing a comprehensive list of resources enabling you to save on items you use everyday
  • discovering savings secrets and applying them to your unique budget
  • making complicated financial decision simpler, easier, and less stressful

Is The Frugal Fabriholic What I’ve Been Looking For?

  • Are you a quilter who is tired of apologizing for what you spend on fabric?
  • Do you put everyone else’s needs and wants above your own?
  • Are you a quilter who invests in the best fabrics and supplies?
  • Are you willing to change the way you spend without sacrificing what you get?
  • Do you think “next year I’ll be able to afford it,” but next year never comes?

Who The Frugal Fabriholic Isn’t For?

  • Quilters who use only free patterns on the internet, even if the quality is lacking
  • Quilters who buy the cheapest fabric they can find
  • Quilters who don’t take proper care of their sewing machines by getting them serviced every year, thinking they are saving money
  • Quilters who won’t invest in a quality machine, buying what’s on sale or inexpensive, even if the quality is lacking
  • Quilters who don’t change their rotary blades, sewing machine needles, or refresh other supplies, believing they are saving a few pennies

Get The Frugal Fabriholic instantly for only $3.99 by clicking here.

Get a Bonus Gift Just for Ordering

The Frugal Fabriholic is already a tremendous deal at only $9.95, but just for ordering, I’ll send you a bonus gift.  Forward your receipt for The Frugal Fabriholic to me at and you’ll receive a bonus gift of a report offering my Top Ten Quilting Sites and how they can save you money!

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Your 12-Step Plan for Saving More Cash for Your Quilting Stash